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Serving the Airport, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa & Huntington

From Newport Beach to Irvine, Costa Mesa to Huntingon, Parker Advisors is wholly focused on office tenant representation.  We are a pure tenant rep advisor dedicated to understanding and helping office tenants add value and savings to their bottom line and strike competitive lease deals at better-than-market terms. We advise and advocate on your behalf addressing real estate requirements in order that you can focus on your business.

Lease Expense Reduction

Whether it’s lease rates, concessions, credits, discounts, early occupancy, minimizing riskor or shifting obligations back to the landlord, sole focus is to add lease value.

Protect your Landlord Relationship

This will be preserved. Good landlord relations does not equate to a better deal.

Avoid Dual-Agency

The leasing office or broker for the building ‘true allegiance’ lies with the owner to increase income. They are the more lucrative client. This is an inherent conflict of interest. 

Orange County Office Space Market

Orange County has almost 100 million rentable square feet of office space in five submarkets.  We limit our focus to the Airport Area and Newport Beach which is roughly eight million square feet of office space.

Orange County is a widely diversified economy with ideal climate and infrastructure that provides companies and their employees an attractive location. Employment is strong.  Unemployment is low, keeping occupancy, leasing and capital markets robust.



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Dual Agency is a hot button issue.

Several states have banned dual agency outright. It carries risks, and the pros and cons should be weighed on both sides based on the specifics of the transaction.  We are focused exclusively on tenants.  Therefore, there are no conficts of interest when working with our firm. We eliminate the problems associated with dual agency and are 100% committed to the buyers interests–not the landlords.  Our core principals are: 

  • Conflict Free & No Fee
  • The Landlord Pays our Commission
  • Our sole purpose is your bottom line
  • Not “balanced” but 100% fiduciary.


Why Hire a Tenant Rep

Similar to the principles of an attorney, a tenant rep owes the office tenant the highest fiduciary duty to represent their interests alone. 

What is the cost benefit of hiring a tenant rep

In California the landlord pays the commission to the leasing broker. Tenant Reps require no out of pocket fee from the tenant. Therefore, a tenant rep adds value to the challenging negotiation process while exclusively representing your interests alone.  

What are some of the benefits of hiring a tenant rep

The largest benefit of hiring a tenant rep, especiallly in the Orange County market, is that you have an expert on your side operating solely on your behalf. A seasoned broker can negotiate better lease terms and concessions consisting of credits, discounts, free rent, escalations and tenant improvements. The language of lease agreement usually is to benefit the landlord. A good tenant rep will shift obligations back to the landlord while protecting the office tenant. This will even the playing field.  

When is Co-Working office space a good option

Coworking space can be an ideal solution if you are a startup with unpredictable growth models. If your company is small and does not require clients to visit the office regularly and if the company requires flexibility with lease terms and the size of the needed space. 

Areas We Serve

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