“It’s Simple – We Decrease Lease Expenses and Increase Your Bottom Line” 




We operate from one grounding principal:

Reduce Lease Expenses for Office Space Tenants in Southbay, Long Beach and North Orange County

Parker Advisors functions as your office space real estate arm. We advise on all commercial lease & office space occupancy related matters in the Long Beach, Southbay and Orange County areas.  A good tenant rep doesn’t just get market, they get a below market deal by inciting competition, negotiating rates, concessions and other dollar driven deal points.  Deal sourcing, active local knowledge, broker/landlord relationships are all strong contributing factors. We protect your landlord relationship, push the envelope, put you first, and get you an at or below market deal.

No Fee Tenant Representation

The Landlord Pays our Commission. 

Your priorities are paramount for us understand so we can provide objective unbiased advice. The two interests in a lease transaction are inherently adverse, regardless of conflict waivers and efforts to inform. There is no dual-agency with us, and we push harder to achieve better terms. The landlord knows that you have someone negotiating 100% on your behalf. We use proven processes, detailed benchmarking, timely information and expert negotiation to ensure that no stone goes unturned. You get the best deal.

  • We know the Southbay, Long Beach and North Orange County Markets
  • We Negotiate On Your Behalf
  • Reduce Cost, Increase Flexibility
  • Generate Competition
  • Maintain Your Landlord Relationship
  • No Conflict-of-Interest, Never a Dual-Agent

Pitfalls and Misconceptions

We Never Needed a Broker Before… Why Start Now?

If the Landlord knows you have an expert on your side, you won’t end up with an above market lease. You’ll have representation to get the best deal, the most contract flexibility and additional concessions.

Am I in a Dual-Agency Scenario?

You don’t hire an attorney to represent both sides. By working with us, you have someone negotiating 100% on your behalf.

Do I Pay You? How Do You Get Paid?

Tenant representation comes to you at no cost whatsoever. Landlords pay the commission regardless if it all goes to one, or gets split between two. Your landlord pays for your representation.

What’s my Landlord’s Take on This?

A common misbelief is that a good landlord relationship equates to a better deal. The reality is that their motivation is to maximize income and to appropriate growing expenses. Make sure they don’t take advantage of you.

Besides My Rate, What Else Should Concern Me?

Concessions consist of credits, discounts, free rent, timing, escalations, suspensions, TI (At Cost or Turnkey.) Leases aren’t boilerplate and each bears careful review. Many things can change during the term, and we help shift obligations back to the landlord.

We Don’t Want to Move

A renewal negotiation is opportunity. Having us at your side creates competition and leverages the market to your advantage.