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Parker Advisors finds your next office space and negotiates your lease, not the landlord.

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Specialist – Scott Parker – Office Tenant Rep

Southbay, Orange County Office Tenant Advisor

Parker Advisors was founded by Scott after he recognized a gap in the office tenant representation market. Scott lives, works, and conducts 80% of his business in Long Beach. As a licensed broker for over 20 years, his background is with Wells Fargo commercial lending and development consulting. In 2005, he founded IBC Group. This consulting services firm had direct engagements with CIGNA, Highgate, Lennar, Greenlaw Partners, Trammel Crow, CBRE, and Arden Realty. Subsequently, he went on to found Parker Advisors to turn his focus on the under-served market of office tenant representation.


USC Marshall B.S. Real Estate Finance

UCLA Intermediate Accounting

Broker Lic. 01156786

Avoid Dual Agency - Tenant Only Representation

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It’s simple. Our job is to reduce lease expenses and increase flexibility. We’ll do whatever it takes to meet financial objectives for Class A and B office tenants in greater Long Beach.

Whether it’s a lease renewal or new office space, we perform 100% on your behalf. Office space tenants are not going to get the best deal unless they are represented.