What is the New Creative Office:

It’s a dramatic shift because space has become smaller & smarter.  Studios and team-based environments was new amenities and common areas.

Let’s start with the tangibles !  Creative Office Space is not just open collaborative space and natural light.  It’s not huddle rooms, stand-up desks and smart technology.

Efficient design and new technology allow concepts like hot-desking or hoteling .  Employees in the field don’t need a permanent cubicle or office. Even the top company performers state the benefits can outweigh a traditional office.

Workers value camaraderie, time-savers and positive energy as benefits of a modern open work environment.

In the end, the new creative office is more expensive with furniture systems, new design and technology.

Who is doing it ?

And,  it’s not just for millennials (ages 24-38) .  Varying industries are experimenting are transitioning, and you’ll see it in administration, engineering and technology.  Paramount importance is given to attracting and retaining talent.

Impress & Retain Workers

Well designed spaces can make a lasting impact recruiting and talent retention.  It differentiates you from the competition.