What is the New Creative Office:

It’s a dramatic shift in how we use space, becasue it’s smaller & smarter.  They can be studios or team-based environments with new common areas.

Let’s start with the tangibles: Creative Office Space is not just open & collaborative space with fewer offices, polished concrete, natural light, exposed-duct ceilings, operable windows, new furniture systems and expresso.  It’s not team or huddle rooms, stand-up desks and smarter technology & super fast internet either.

While efficiency, technology, visibility, and flexibility are all elements, hot-desking o(or hoteling) has all of these elements.  If employees are mostly in the field, they don’t have a permanent cubicle or office. “Free flight” technology makes this possible, and you’d be surprised how even the top performers state the benefits can outweigh traditional work space.

Small-business professionals or freelancers can afford to share workspace that promotes camaraderie, good energy, and new business. They are modern comfortable, efficient, open work environment offering various amenities & time-savers that  are valued by most workers.

In the end, the new creative office is more expensive with furniture systems, new design and technology.

Who’s doing it ?

It’s not just for creatives, new media and technology anymore.  And,  it’s not just for millennials (ages 18-32) .  Varying industries are experimenting with creative or transitioning to it becasue you’ll see it in sales, administration, engineering, technical support and even document companies and of course, digital media and technology companies.  Paramount importance is given to attracting and retaining talent.

Impress & Retain Workers

Efficiency, character and distinctive looks largely impacts talent recruiting and retention. This is an example of the less obvious reasons to go creative.  It can be bragging rights similar to what going-green can do.  If a green project doesn’t pencil out, it improves image and in this case “just being able to say you did it” can differentiate you from your competitors.